Elements Of Hemp Analysis

Elements Of Hemp Analysis

At House of Gro, where we honor the hemp plant and the chaga mushroom, we are experienced in analyzing natural hemp products to make sure they are of the very highest quality. Getting hemp to market is only part of the equation! Stakeholders have to figure out how to make sure that processing has not introduced contaminants, and that their products actually deliver the benefits that they are intended to. 

After all, these are products that are most often getting ingested in some form. So you want to know what you're putting into your body, and you want to have confidence that you're buying quality products. Other products are topical, like many of ours, but the same principle still applies. 

We have some resources on the website, but let's talk in a little more detail about some aspects of analyzing the hemp that our farmers produce.

Terpenes and Efficacy

One aspect of hemp analysis focuses on the vibrance and intensity of the plant itself. Here you have chemicals called terpenes that are responsible for some of the endocannabinoid interactions that occur in the body. So having an assessment of terpenes is a good part of overall hemp analysis.

Looking for Heavy Metals

This other aspect of hemp analysis is part of so many product analysis processes. Why do people look for heavy metals? Partly because some of these harmful substances have made their way into the food chain and manufacturing environments. And partly because items like these are so harmful to humans! We look for: 

  • Mercury

  • Cadmium

  • Lead

Heavy metals like these are so potentially dangerous and toxic that they are very heavily regulated, and monitored, even in the disposal of waste that potentially bears them in significant quantities. The solutions for electronic waste or “e-waste” are good examples of how this works. 

Assessing for Solvents

Solvents are another class of toxic materials that you have to look for with hemp. Anytime something is treated with solvents, it can potentially become toxic to the human body. And too often, the solvents themselves are invisible, not evident to the human observer. We have to test products in a lab to determine whether solvents are an issue.  Companies should invest in that routinely, as a matter of course, for the benefit of their customers. 

Other Pathogens

Other microbial analysis looks for bacterial activity or pathogens that could harm the or impair the quality of our products.

In addition, we also look for a range of nutrients that are common with hemp products.

This is very helpful in aid of our holistic approach to treating the body. Take a look at what House of Gro’s skin care products can do for you, through the ancient power of natural botanical therapy, not to mention the power of the mushroom!