Seven Must-Know Facts About Chaga Mushrooms

Seven Must-Know Facts About Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga mushrooms are something that we use in our specially formulated skin care and holistic health products, but they're not familiar to everyone. Some people might wonder where these items come from and how they work. Here are seven key facts to know about chaga mushrooms and their use in historic and modern contexts.


Chaga mushrooms have antioxidant value


Like other plant species, chaga mushrooms have significant antioxidant value, where the antioxidant chemicals fight against free radicals that are active in aging the body and in the development of some health conditions.


That's one reason why we include them in our therapeutic product lines.


Chaga mushrooms come from birch trees


The main source of chaga mushrooms is birch trees in colder climates – in northern areas of the globe, where these mushrooms form on the bark of the tree and are harvested for therapeutic purposes.


Chaga mushrooms have traditional regional sources


A lot of the chaga mushrooms that make their way into the supply chain come from areas like Siberia and Asia as well as northern Europe, where they have been used for hundreds of years.


Chaga mushrooms are high on the ORAC scale


Going back to the idea of antioxidants, chaga mushrooms have a proportionally high level of antioxidants in them. Experts use the ORAC scale to talk about antioxidant power, which measures how many free radicals antioxidants can tackle. The chaga mushroom has a relatively high rating that makes it a good ingredient in these products.


Original and modern use


In the old days, people would grind up the chaga mushroom and make it into a powder, that was in turn to be made into a tea. Today we have specially formulated supplements that are more precise in dosage and often cleaner in sourcing.




Chaga mushrooms are high in fiber and low in calories, two things which are touted by nutritionists. People do eat them, and they are widely considered a superfood, with properties that can work against things like high blood pressure and cholesterol. 


Beneficial Constituents


Chaga mushrooms have a range of beneficial chemicals in them including beta-glucans, melanin and hispidin analogs, triterpenoids, and superoxide dismutase and catalase. We talk about this a bit on the site, in bringing more information to readers about what’s in these little mushrooms and how it can benefit our bodies. 


Take a look at our products and how they work to improve holistic health. Our night and day skin care products use the power of the chaga mushroom along with clean-sourced hemp to deliver the goods when it comes to an excellent daily skin care regimen. Be part of a community that values natural cosmetic and wellness products, and uses the natural power of the chaga mushroom advantageously.