Ethical and Humane Products

Ethical and Humane Products

If you look back at what we blogged about in the past, you'll see more about how our Chaga mushroom and CBD ingredients work, and why they are so popular as part of a holistic wellness and cosmetic routine. 

But today, let's talk about the value of ethical and humane product sourcing. Is there a value to this? There absolutely is – in fact, to some of us, it’s critically important. But how does this work? 

First of all, you’re usually going to get your ethical and humane products from smaller producers. Why is that? Generally, it’s because mass producers focus on the bottom line and do whatever they can to make products as cheap as they can be. Small boutique producers have the motive and the business model to pursue higher-end products that avoid the worst practices in a given industry, in order to offer something better. 

Humane Products

Our products are humane products in that they are cruelty-free and do not involve inhumane animal testing.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for a range of mass-produced cosmetics, medications and wellness products.

Our products are also free of a wide spectrum of synthetic materials harmful to human health.

In general, the mass production industry is pumping products full of certain types of plastics, petrochemicals and other strange ingredients, some of which the state of California and other parties consider to be carcinogens. That's why you may see certain restrictions on some mass-produced products in the state of California based on scientists’ concerns about carcinogenic properties. 

That's another thing you don't have to worry about with our boutique skincare products!

In improving the skin's microbiome, we use natural items and ingredients from the natural plant world.

When you think about it, these products really are innovative in a key sense. So many companies are investing in chemical and pharma processes that in the end, may not be the most effective ways to enhance wellness and cosmetics. But that doesn’t stop the mass producers, who find ways to lower the front-end costs, and pocket the profits. 


For example, something as simple as tea tree oil or CBD has its own natural properties that are potentially powerful in many products, but companies may instead use synthetics just as a matter of course, to keep things cheaper. We have a different vision here. Do some reading on the blog to see why our products are prized by some of the choosiest consumers out there, and learn more about our dedication to offering you only the best.