Diversity In The Skin Microbiome

Diversity In The Skin Microbiome

What does it look like when you put your skin under a microscope?

At House of Grō, we are keenly aware of the landscape of your skin microbiome and how that affects topical products that we provide for overall holistic health. The science of it is really interesting, and learning more about your skin is a great way to keep it in better shape. Just ask some of our customers who have found solutions with our novel skin products, which, by the way, are clinically tested. 

So what’s the deal with “skin science?” First of all, the microbiome of the skin (did you know that the skin is also the body’s largest single organ?) is home to many different kinds of microscopic “denizens” or living beings, and particles.

That's part of the natural design of the human body, and it can have an effect on skin conditions over time.

Therapeutic Agents

Our products combine the power of the chaga mushroom, a traditional homeopathic remedy in its own right, with CBD oil which leverages the significant potential of health therapy with cannabis. Why is this important? Partly because when you really look “under the skin” of the situation (no pun intended,) there’s a lot more to know about this type of natural therapy. 

Over the past few years, doctors and scientists have been learning more about how cannabis can benefit the body. Its interaction with endocannabinoid receptors is part of that holistic health value that CBD brings.

We apply this to our skincare products for rejuvenating areas of the face and body.

Day and Night

Use our anti-aging “Woke” oil in the mornings, and our “After Dark” product when you go to bed.

We know that the body's needs are different during the day and during the night, when you're typically asleep, so we formulated these two products differently for morning and evening use.

There's a lot more to understand about the powerful appeal of House of Gro products and the way they are made to help your skin to be restored and healthy. When you look into it, you’ll see why so many people who have discovered our ecommerce shop are bookmarking it for return purchases. Finding the right addition to your cosmetic regimen can be hard! There’s a lot of information out there, some of it good, some of it – well, anyway, when you try things, you see how they work. Take a look and give this rejuvenating product line a try.