New Eye Detox Drop

New Eye Detox Drop

Here at House of Grō, we are announcing the arrival of a new eye detox product that combines the age-old power of Hemp and the Chaga mushroom, to offer you yet another way to fill your cosmetics and medicine cabinet.


Eye Detox is something that has been in the works for a long time, and is a great way to rejuvenate areas of the face. Here are some of the effects that our customers have seen with this revolutionary product.


Relieving Tension


Applying this type of brightening oil can help relieve tension in the skin. That can have a visual effect, too, eliminating some types of crows’ feet and other effects of aging or undue stress.


Brightening Areas


Eye Detox can also cut down on the darkness caused by inflammation and the effects of stress on tissues around the eye.


You may have heard of people talking about having dark circles under their eyes, or joking about having a ‘raccoon face.’


This is often due to a combination of two factors – stress and sleep deprivation. Neither is particularly healthy for the body, and that comes out in certain ways. But having products that can alleviate some of those conditions can be really positive. Combining some of these calming agents with a good night’s sleep can really have an effect on brain chemistry and psychology, and on quality of life in general during the day. 


The Natural Mushroom


In addition to the essential use of Hemp for holistic wellness, we also combine that with the power of the chaga mushroom in eye detox and other products to be an effective way to treat various conditions.


Keep in mind that people have been using the chaga mushroom for many centuries. Going back to ancient civilizations, it has been seen as a fundamental healer, not just for the body, but for the mind as well.


We make all of these things without this list of ingredients:


Why is that important? because each of these hazards and impact of the contaminants they may carry. Also because of the “power of natural” – that’s part of our philosophy, and our appeal to our customers! When you want real organic results, you get products unencumbered by GMOs and the rest. That resonates with people in an age where so much of what we consume comes in a suspicious bottle! Look around and you’ll see that the chaga mushroom, not to mention Hemp, is being singled out as a real wellness promoter in modern homeopathy and beyond.